Complete Bath Lift Buying Guide: Find the Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Bath lift buying guide
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    If you want to buy a bath lift for safe bathing, you should research which lift is best for you. Not all bath aids are the same. This guide has all the information you need to know about them before you buy one.

    Nothing beats a long soak in the bath to relax and ease pain. For individuals facing mobility challenges, the task of getting in and out the bathtub can be fairly problematic without the assistance of a bath lift or any other bathing aid.

    A simple bath lift can transform the bathing experience for the elderly or disabled by enabling them to get in and out the bath safely and independently.

    What is a Bath Lift?

    A bath lift is a device that gently lowers you to the bottom of the bath and then raises you again when you are finished. It supports the user's weight, reduces joint strain, and ensures a worry-free bathing experience without the risk of getting stuck.

    There are many different types of bath lifts and most of them work similarly. There will be a way to transfer carefully onto the lift and using a control, the user will be able to simply lower into the bath water gently.

    Bath lifts differ from transfer benches and bath seats as they take the weight of the user and assist them fully, allowing them to have a full depth bath.

    Benefits of Bath Lift

    As a useful bathing aid, a bath lift can bring several benefits to the user. Firstly, it can allow the user to bathe independently, by taking the work away from the users’ muscles. By physically raising and lowering the individual into the bathtub, the lift enables them to bathe independently, without relying on assistance from a caregiver or family member.

    It also replaces the use of the grab rail. A grab rail can be beneficial; however, it still requires the user to use their own strength to pull themselves out of the bath. A bath lift means the user is raised without having to rely on and use their own strength.

    Installing A Bath Lift

    Opting for a bath lift that requires installation is generally the more secure option, as it is securely attached to a wall in your bathroom. When considering buying a bath lift, you need to ensure that you or someone else can install the bath lift correctly and safely before you purchase.

    It is a simple bath cushion lift, ensure you read the instructions thoroughly when setting up.

    At Easy2Bathe we offer expert and friendly installation with our bath lifts so you have peace of mind that your lift is safe and secure. It is also battery operated so there is no hard wiring needed.

    Types of Bath Lifts

    One thing to consider when purchasing a bath lift is that they are not all designed the same way. There are several types of bath lifts available and there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’, so you will need to make a choice based on your needs.

    Bath Lift Belt

    One of the bath lifts on the market are bath belt lifts such as Easy2Bathe. These are bath lifts that lower and raise you with a belt. The belt is attached to a unit fixed to the wall and the side of a bath. These are incredibly beneficial to those who want a full depth soak in the bath as they allow the user to soak fully in the bath with no restrictions of a seat. They are also easy to operate often with a simple remote control.

    belt lift

    Bath Seat Lift

    There are several bath lifts that have a chair like design with a back and sides. These are designed to keep the user fully supported from the back and are ideal for those who struggle to hold themselves up. The bath chair raises and lowers from the side flaps, dipping the seat into the bath. A bath seat however, does not allow the user to have a full depth bath, there will always be an element of restriction.

    Bath Cushion Lift

    Another type of bath lift is a bath cushion. These are inflatable and work by inflating to the height of the bath and then deflating whilst the user sits on and lowers them gently into the bath. These are a more cost effective solution to other bath lifts. Bath cushions are portable so you can enjoy a bath anywhere you go.

    There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to bath lifts, so research beforehand is key if you want a bath lift for your specific needs. If you do not have the core strength to hold your back up without support, then look at bath lifts that have a supportive back. If you are dreaming of a full depth bath then bath lift belts are the better solution for you. If you travel around and don’t want to sacrifice your bath time, a bath cushion will be the perfect option.

    Factors to Consider When Buying a Bath Lift

    Again, before you buy you must consider various factors when choosing a bath lift.

    1. Your specific safety needs
    2. Can you try before you buy?
    3. Bathroom space
    4. Installation
    5. Power supply

    Firstly, consider your needs. As mentioned before, if you do not have the core strength to hold your back up when you lower into the bath then you need to choose a bath seat, so you have the best support. Each bath lift comes with different benefits so think about your safety and comfort before you go ahead and buy.

    Secondly, bathroom space is another factor. An average bathroom in a person’s home isn’t large so you need to consider the space you have in the bathroom. Can the bath lift be removed and if so, have you got space to store it? Does the bath lift retract so others can use the bath or is it a permanent fixture? All important questions you should be considering before purchasing your lift.

    You also must consider the installation process. For example, with bath belt lifts, these need to be installed to the wall and require a specialist to install. Is this included in the cost? If you choose a bath chair lift, is this something you can set up yourself and position safely?

    There is nothing worse than purchasing something that when it arrives, you struggle to use. Look out to see if you can trial the lift mechanism before you buy. Easy2Bathe offer a free, no obligation demonstration lift, so you can try the lift in the comfort of your own home before you go ahead and purchase.

    Lastly, you must consider how the bath lift is powered. The bathroom is a hazardous place and having wiring and electrics in the bathroom can be unsafe. If it’s powered by the mains, is it hard wired in or does it require you to plug in yourself? Battery powered bath lifts are often a safer option, but you would need to remember to recharge the battery between baths.

    Again, do your research but make sure that these factors are what suits you. If you are looking to purchase a bath lift for your independence, a bath lift that’s installed for you and is there permanently requires less maintenance for you. A bath lift that comes with an installation service is convenient and means you don’t have to worry about it being fixed. If you are looking for something cost effective.

    How to Use a Bath Lift

    A bath lift can make a huge difference to your life, particularly if you are struggling with your mobility and no longer feel safe bathing. Although there is a wide range of bath lifts, most of them work the same way; by lowering and raising you from the bath.

    A bath lift like the Easy2Bathe has a padded transfer seat making transfer to the belt easier. Simply sit on the bath seat and gently turn your legs to the inside of the bath, then slide yourself onto the belt and using the control lower yourself into the bath.

    It's important to always be in control of your body movements. If you feel unstable at any point, stop lowering yourself and adjust so you are in a more comfortable position before continuing.

    Maintenance and Care

    As with any technology, your bath lift will need regular maintenance to keep it in working order to ensure its longevity. Your bath lift should come with the right maintenance care instructions and it’s important to keep these up if you want your bath lift to last.

    As with anything that gets submerged in water regularly; it is important to keep the bath lift belt clean to prevent build-up of oily residue. Your bath lift should have cleaning care instructions on this.

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