4 Signs You May Need A Bath Chair Lift

4 signs you need a bathlift
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    If the time has come where you are struggling to get in or out of the bath, or are concerned about falling or slipping over, a bath lift can be the solution to your problems. Below we’ve outlined 4 signs it might be time for a bath lift:

    1. You’re worried about your safety

    A common worry for people when using their bath is getting in and out of it safely. A bath lift can help overcome this problem by providing you with safe access to your existing bath. The Easy2Bathe bath chair lift can slowly and safely lower you in and out of the bath. This takes the strain off your arms and legs so you don’t need to worry about slipping or falling over.

    4 signs you need a bathlift

    2. You live alone

    If you live alone and enjoy a bath, you’ll definitely consider a bath lift to be a godsend. Impressed by the Easy2Bathe bath chair lift and after seeing a home demonstration of the bath lift, David immediately knew this was the right choice for him.

    3. You experience joint pain

    As you age your body can experience many different types of aches and pains. Rather than relying on medications, why not have a warm bath, which has long been used for its therapeutic benefits? A bath lift can lower you into your existing bath meaning you can enjoy all the health benefits it can bring, as well as a long relaxing soak!

    4. You want to keep your independence

    Bath time should be a pleasurable experience that you can enjoy in privacy and comfort. The Easy2Bathe bath chair lift has been designed to provide the independence that you deserve when taking a bath. Not only can a bath lift help you to remain independent, but it will also make your loved ones lives a little easier too.

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