6 Benefits of Bathing For The Elderly

benefits of bathing for the elderly
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    There's nothing like a nice soak in the bath after a long day – that’s something we can all agree on, right? But as we grow old, we tend to develop health problems that may hinder us in our day to day life. Well, you’ll be happy to know that it is actually scientifically proven that there are health benefits to taking a bath.

    We’ve compiled a list of 6 benefits that bathing can do for the elderly, giving you a great reason to get in the tub.


    1. Temporary Relief From Stiff Joints

    If you are someone that suffers from stiff joints or other health problems such as arthritis or lower back pain, taking a nice warm bath can help temporarily relieve you of pain.

    It is proven that taking a warm bath helps your blood circulation, so blood can flow better through the body. This is what helps to loosen your joints and muscles. So, if you are someone that tends to feel stiff a lot of the time or maybe the cold weather affects your joints, a bath is a perfect choice.

    The therapeutic benefits of a warm bath mean that you are able to relax whilst repairing your body. Don’t forget, when taking a bath, you don’t want the water to be too hot and risk scolding yourself. It is recommended that the perfect bath temperature is between 33 and 37 degrees celsius.

    If your arthritis or stiff joints are affecting you from getting in and out of the bath then a bath lift would be very beneficial for you. It would allow you to get in and out of the bath without the worry of unwanted trips and falls, allowing you to enjoy your bathing experience again.

    benefits of bathing for the elderly

    2. A Better Nights’ Sleep!

    There’s a reason a lot of us like to have a warm bath before bed, here’s why!

    Sometimes getting to sleep can be a real task, the constant tossing and turning can be a nightmare and it even makes you stay awake longer! The cycle is vicious isn’t it? It is suggested that taking a warm bath before bed helps you get to sleep faster.

    The warmth of the water helps regulate your body temperature by cooling down the body and improving blood circulation. This then sends signals to the brain to produce a sleep hormone called melatonin – this then helps you sleep.

    To get the best benefits out of a bath before sleep you should try and get in about 90 minutes before going to bed. You don’t want your body to be too alert so timing is important.

    Try it out and see if your sleep improves!


    3. Improved Mental Well-being

    Taking a bath can be a mood booster!

    The warmth of the water calms your nervous system down which reduces the levels of stress and anxiety in the body. This means there will be an improvement in your mood!

    Taking a break is also proven to help improve your mood. Maybe you’ve had a busy day with the grandchildren or running errands and you don’t realise it, but your body needs a break! Taking time out for yourself in the bath is a great way to get away, relax and destress.

    Top Tip! Want to make it more relaxing? Find a book and take it in the bath with you, let your mind venture!

    benefits of bathing for the elderly

    4. Cleanse and Moisturise

    As you age you may find there are many changes that are occurring with your skin and dry skin may be a problem that you are suffering with.

    Don’t let dry skin stop you from having baths! Did you know that bathing is a great way to cleanse and moisturise your skin? The warmth of the water opens up your pores and allows the steam to penetrate and make you sweat – this is the bodies natural way of cleansing.

    Our Tip! Don’t forget to moisturise after your bath to fully replenish your skin and make it feeling and smelling nice and soft.

    benefits of bathing for the elderly

    5. Reduced Swelling & Inflammation

    Taking a bath can temporarily help reduce swelling and inflammation in the feet or ankles. The warm water from the bath allows the blood vessels to dilate and improve blood circulation!

    A popular remedy people have used is Epsom salt. Epsom salt has two main ingredients – magnesium and sulfate – which is said to remove the toxins from your body that are responsible for inflammation.

    Bathing in a bath with Epsom salts also has more benefits such as reducing stress, promote foot health and soothing the skin!

    benefits of bathing for the elderly

    6. Improved Muscles & Joints

    Did you know that small stretches during your bath can count as your exercise? The weightlessness in the water proves to be a low impact exercise on your joints but the water resistance is enough to get your body working.

    If you tend to struggle with your balance, this little exercise in the bath will help to strengthen your muscles over time. Your balance will improve overall meaning that you have less chance of unwanted falls.

    Who knew taking a bath could be so beneficial!
    We think that everyone should and can enjoy bathing. So, if you are someone that loves bathing but struggle due to mobility issues, our Easy2Bathe bath lift can make bathing easy for you again. At a touch of a button, you can safely transfer yourself into and out of the bath. Allowing you to bathe safely and independently once more. Putting your mind and your loved one’s mind to ease.

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