How To Stay Warm After Your Bath

how to stay warm after your bath
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    Looking for some advice on how to stay warm after your bath? Follow these tips and your daily bath will continue to be the highlight of your day, regardless of the season.

    Relaxing your muscles in a hot bath is often the best part of the day… until you get out and find yourself feeling cold, wet and uncomfortable.

    If you’re looking for ways to stay warm after your bath, there are plenty of methods out there, but not all of them are advisable. From bathing less (no thanks!) to chewing ice cubes in the bathtub (we were surprised by this also!) some ideas are quite foolish.

    Luckily we know a few ways to stay warm after your bath without giving up on basic hygiene.


    1) Turn Up The Heating

    Let's start with one of the most important things first! Before you get into the bath, ensure you turn the heating on which will make your home warm and cosy when you get out of the bath. If you’re using a heater or a fire, put the clothes you would like to wear after your bath near the source of the heat (but at a safe distance) so that they are nice and toasty by the time you get out of the bath.

    How to stay warm after bath

    2) Get Organised

    Next, proceed to your bathroom. Keep your towels in a nearby, accessible place. You may also want to consider having a heated towel rack installed in your bathroom, which will take your comfort to a whole new level!

    how to stay warm after bath

    3) Close The Door

    Perhaps the easiest tip of all: make sure you close your bathroom door, not only while the bath is filling but also when you are in the bath as well. This will help to keep heat within the room to ensure you are warm. Don’t forget to draw the curtain if you have one of those by your bath too.

    How to stay warm after bath

    4) Take a Long Hot Bath

    The hot water will create plenty of steam, which will warm up the bathroom even more.

    Did you know that adding bubble bath to your bath can also help to keep your bath warmer for longer? It is scientifically proven that the layer it creates at the top of the surface acts as an insulating barrier.

    Just before you finish your bath, run a little cold water into your bath to get you gradually used to a small drop in temperature.

    When you have finished your bath, wrap the hair towel around your head, step out of the bath, and put on your bathrobe or towel. The steam in the bathroom will make sure you are still reasonably warm.

    When you are wrapped up in towels from head to foot, step out of the bathroom. With the heating having been left on, the room should be comfortably warm.

    Finally, proceed to put your warm clothes or pyjamas on. Once you are clothed, stay near your source of warmth (preferably with a hot drink) until your body is back to normal and your hair is fully dried.

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