How To Prevent Falling in Your Bathroom

prevent falling in bathroom
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    Ever wondered how to prevent falling in your bathroom? For older adults, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous room in your home. With nearly 200,000 accidents happening in bathrooms each year, it's clear to see why. The great news is that your bathroom doesn’t have to be an obstacle course for potential falls. Some simple and quick changes will easily help reduce your risk of falling. Read on to discover the steps you can take to make your bathroom a safer place today.

    How to prevent falling in your bathroom

    In order to prevent falling in your bathroom, look around and ask yourself the following questions:

    Is your bath or shower floor slippery?

    • Do you need support when you get out of the bath/shower or stand up from the toilet?
    • Are towels, soap and shampoo hard for you to reach?
    • Is there anything on the floor that could potentially cause you to have a fall?
    • Is the lighting good enough in your bathroom?

    If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it’s time to safety-proof your bathroom.


    Safety proof your bathroom with these top tips

    1. Throw away your bathroom rug– Raised or uneven surfaces are hazards and can increase the likelihood of falling in your bathroom. Remove with immediate effect.
    2. Secure loose corners– Similarly to above, put non slip strips down on any loose corners you see will make your bathroom much safer
    3. Clean your bath after use– Soapy residue or mould at the bottom of your bath can be very slippy, increasing your likelihood of falling over.
    4. Keep your floor dry– Avoid dangerous slips by ensuring your bathroom floor is always dry
    5. Consider grab rails– Grab rails installed near your toilet or bath can help stabilize you as you stand
    6. Invest in a bath lift– Are you finding it difficult to get in or out of the bath? If so a Bath lift can help make getting in and out of your bath safer and easier by gently lowering and lifting you in and out of your bath, putting less strain on your joints.
    7. Get better lighting– If your vision is poor adding extra lighting on the way to or inside your bathroom can prevent you fumbling for a light switch or falling on something you didn’t see, especially at night time.
    8. Don’t rush– The more you rush, the more likely you are to fall, so always take your time walking around your bathroom from one area to the next

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