How To Get In And Out Of Your Bath Safely

Get in and out your bath safely
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    Are you finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of your bath safely? If you feel unsteady on your feet, this quick guide outlines options that could help you bathe safely.

    If you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck, it's helpful to have some steps to ensure you are able to get out of the bath safely in a difficult situation.

    Helpful Steps

    Step 1. With your bottom on the bath, from a seated position, slowly pull yourself onto your side using your bath as leverage to help steady yourself.

    Step 2. Move on to your hands and knees with your torso facing the bottom of the bath.

    Step 3. Ensure to hold the sides of the bath, and push yourself up onto your knees.

    Step 4. Now transfer your hands to the side of the bath you wish to exit from, lift your knees off of the bath’s floor so your weight has now transferred to your feet.

    Step 5.  Whilst holding on to the side, bring one leg over the side of the bath and place it on the floor next to the bath.

    Step 6. Ensuring you have a stable weight on the foot on the floor, swing the other leg over the bath and place that on the floor.

    Step 7. You should now be in a stable position to let go of the bath and grab your towel.

    To avoid having to take these steps, you need to prevent the danger before it happens. The best way to enable you to get in and out of your bath safely is to ensure that your bathroom can accommodate your changing needs.

    Install Grab Rails

    Grab rails can be a cheap and subtle way to modify your bathroom to ensure safe bathing. Grab rails can be installed on the wall next to the side of the bath to help you to steady yourself whilst lowering and raising from the bath. For a quick fix, suction grab rails can be installed on tiled walls. However, this is not often the most secure option and we recommend you have grab rails professionally installed and fixed firmly to the wall to prevent slipping.

    Where grab rails can be the cheapest option, it's not often the wisest, particularly if you lack the upper body strength to pull yourself up in the first instance. For those who cannot pull themselves up, we don't recommend installing the grab rails as you may still find yourself in a situation where you get stuck.

    grab rail

    Get A Bath Lift

    If you lack the upper body strength to pull yourself out of the bath, consider purchasing a bath lift as a long-term solution. As its name suggests, the Easy2Bathe bath lift raises you in and out of your bath safely, securely and easily without the need to use any of your own strength to lift yourself out. These differ from bath chairs or cushions as they allow the user to have full depth bath.

    Bath lifts are a non-invasive way of adapting your current bathroom. There is no need to transform your entire bathroom, just a quick and easy installation. A unit is installed to the side of your wall and a chair fitted to your bathroom floor.

    The main cassette unit is bolted securely to the wall of your bathroom and the seat fixed to the floor.
    A powerful motor inside the cassette then lowers or raises you, taking you right to the bottom of your bath.


    Purchase a non-slip mat

    Areas by your bath can be slippy and hazardous when wet.
    To help maintain your safety whilst getting in or out of the bath, we would recommend buying yourself a non slip mat.
    This will help you maintain your balance and prevent you from slipping.


    Keep it Bright

    Slips and falls often happen when there isn't enough light to see.

    Easy2Bathe provides a bath lift which can help you get into and out of your bath with ease:“It is hard to admit sometimes that doing things that for years you have taken for granted are now a danger to your health, especially if that includes taking a bath. When you give in and look for help a friendly and understanding response is what you need to have to help make decisions. From the start to finish my experience with the Easy2Bathe team was just that. No hard sell, and no mess. A very neat and easy to use product that has made my life less stressful and much more relaxing at bath times.” Mrs Daniels

    To learn more about how the Easy2Bathe could make day to day life a little easier, click here to request your free brochure.

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