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Suffer from Arthritis? Here’s how the Easy2Bathe bath lift could help.

Feb 5, 2019 | Tips & Advice

Those who suffer from arthritis can experience a loss of strength, grip and mobility – all of which can make bathing very difficult.

With slips and falls in the bathroom accounting for up to 50% of incidents in those 80 and over, it’s understandable that taking a bath can become a concern.

Taking a warm bath has many benefits for people who suffer from arthritis. Not only is it a fantastic way to reduce arthritic pain, it is a lovely way to relax, whilst keeping clean at the same time.

However as many benefits as it may have, if you can’t get in or out of your bath safely, then it should be approached with extreme care.

Suffer from Arthritis? The Easy2Bathe bath lift can help.

Many people try to keep their balance by holding on to what is closest to them, which on many occasions is a bath tap or cupboard.

The issue with this is that these items are not designed to hold your weight. This is where the Easy2Bathe bath lift can help make getting in and out of the bath safer.

As the name suggests, the Easy2Bathe raises you in and out of the bath safely, securely and easily.

This provides you with the confidence you need to get in and out of your bath without worrying, especially if you suffer from arthritis.

So how does it work?

The main cassette unit is bolted securely to the wall of your bathroom and the seat fixed to the floor. A powerful, battery powered motor inside the cassette then lowers or raises taking you right to the bottom of the bath.

As the belt retracts fully, the bath can be used by other members of the household in the conventional way. Read more about how Easy2Bathe works here.

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