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6 Ways an Easy2Bathe Bath Lift Can Benefit The Elderly

Aug 23, 2019 | Tips & Advice

Bathing is something that the majority of us take for granted. It may be a simple task when you’re agile, but as you become older it can become more difficult. What was once a stress-free experience, can turn into sheer worry of slipping and falling.

The Easy2Bathe bath lift has many benefits, particularly to the elderly, allowing bath-time to become enjoyable again. Here are 6 of the many benefits it can have for you:

Enjoy relaxing, full-depth baths with an Easy2Bathe bath lift

1. Regain Your Independence:

Wouldn’t it be great to feel independent again? As the Easy2Bathe enables you to get into and out of the bath with ease, you will be able to bathe as and when you please. Providing high levels of safety, you will be able to have dignified bathing experiences without the aid of another person. 


2. Comfortable Bathing Experiences:

The Easy2Bathe bath lift will lift you into and out of the bath as and when you please. Walk-in baths are great but you cannot leave them until all of the water has been drained, which can cause you to feel rather uncomfortable, and also very chilly! 

With a bath lift, one simple press of a button will raise you out of the bath as soon as you are finished! 

3. Easy To Use:

An Easy2Bathe lifts you into and out of the bath with one push of a buttonThe Easy2Bathe has a simple three-step usage procedure. The easy to use handset lowers you into and raises you out of the bath at a simple touch of a button. It also has an easy to read temperature display so you know when the bath water is the perfect temperature for you to get in! Did you know 38°C is the perfect temperature to help aches and pains?!

4. A Cheaper Alternative To A Walk-In Bathroom:

One of the great benefits of a bath lift is the fact that it attaches to your current bath. This saves you the stress as well as the cost of having to have your whole bathroom renovated. Of course, on top of this, the bath lift is quicker to install. It takes less than an hour to fit to your bath, in comparison to the days or even weeks it can take to install a walk-in bathroom.

The bath lift can also be retracted too, meaning that your bath can still be used conventionally too!

5. Decrease The Likelihood Of Slips And Falls:

Research undertaken by the NHS concludes that around a third of adults aged 65+ will experience at least one fall per year. Of course, water and slippery surfaces such as baths can be major slipping hazards, particularly for those with limited mobility.

A bath lift raises you out of the bath, meaning that you won’t have to attempt to hoist yourself up on your own. You also don’t need to worry about standing up in the bath or climbing out, minimising the risk of falling. It is also designed with many other in-built safety features to help to prevent slips and falls. 

6. Full Depth Bathing Experiences:

Bathing aids such as bathing cushions seem great, but most don’t allow you to enjoy a full-depth bathing experience like a bath lift does. This means that with an Easy2Bathe bath lift, you can soak and relax all of your aching muscles. 

Bath lifts have many benefits over walk in baths

Get Free Fitting On Your Easy2Bathe:

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