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6 Affordable Ways To Improve Mobility Around Your Bathroom

Mar 1, 2019 | News and Blogs

Are you finding it more difficult to use your bathroom due to a mobility problem? If so there are a few small changes you can make to your bathroom that will help to make getting around easier. Read on to find out how you can stay independent around your bathroom for longer with these top affordable tips:

1. Consider a bath lift

The bath can present one of the biggest problems for people when using their bathroom. Bending to get in your bath and having to raise yourself back out again can become an increasing difficulty and concern. There is a solution out there though and that comes in the discreet form of the Easy2Bathe.

The Easy2Bathe bath lift is one of the most convenient and cost effective ways to enjoy full depth bathing again. The Easy2Bathe allows you to safely lower and rise on the belt to bathe independently and safely again. There is no need for expensive alterations to your bathroom and our experienced engineers can install the unit in under one hour. Find out more here. 

2. Lower your shelves

Lower any shelving to ensure that you have easy access to your toiletries, medicines and anything else that you may need to have close by. This means you don’t have to stretch to reach items which could cause you to fall and injure yourself. 

3. Change doorknobs for handles

Replace any door knobs that are difficult to grip with lever style mechanisms that are easier for you to use. The same goes for taps in the sink that are difficult to turn. Lever tap handles are relatively cheap and can make using your bathroom a much easier experience.

4. Non slip bath mats

Place a non-slip bath mat in areas likely to get wet such as in and around your bath or sink. Also make sure they are securely in place in order to increase traction and prevent falls.

5. Improve your bathroom lighting

Increase lighting throughout the bathroom and all areas of the home.  This common sense solution will help you to see better and avoid obstacles and tripping hazards.

6. Grab bars

If you find that you are reaching nearby to help you stand, consider installing a grab bar by the toilet area, bath and other areas where you need to get up and down to provide you with stable and secure support.

Like to find out how the Easy2Bathe could make mobility around your bathroom easier? Request a free colour brochure today by clicking here or call our friendly team on 0800 083 0036. 

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