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Click here to read our COVID-19 policy

 Fits onto your existing bath

 No plumbing required

 Free 3 year guarantee

 Fitted in under 1 hour

0800 083 0036

Special Offer - Free Fitting!

Special Offer - Free Fitting!


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Your Journey With Easy2Bathe

Don’t struggle to get in and out of your bath. Easy2Bathe can help. In our short animated video we take you through the simple steps you can take to be able to enjoy your bath once more. 

Learn How Easy2Bathe Helped David & See How It Can Help You!

“Absolutely confident now with bathing” Living alone, David was conscious about his bathing safety and independence. Fearing of a slip or fall – David looked at a suitable solution to bring back his confidence during bathing time. In this video David describes how the Easy2Bathe has helped him to finally feel safe again at bath time. 

Discover How Easy2Bathe Works

Watch our short demonstration video and see how Easy2Bathe makes it easy to bathe.  Learn how the easy and durable handset gently lowers and rises you in and out of the bath at the touch of a button. Discover the convenient, built-in water temperature display, which helps to perfect your bathing experience and get the exact temperature you like before getting in. Did you know the re-chargeable battery offers up to 20 baths in between charges? The built-in safety feature means you’ll always be able to get out of the bath, even if the battery needs re-charging.

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