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Click here to read our COVID-19 policy

 Fits onto your existing bath

 No plumbing required

 Free 3 year guarantee

 Fitted in under 1 hour

0800 083 0036

Special Offer - Free Fitting!

Special Offer - Free Fitting!

See how easy, Easy2Bathe is!

View the images below to see what sets the Easy2Bathe apart from other bath lifts in the market.


Hold on to the sturdy hand rail
and the transfer seat, now gently lift your
legs over into the bath.


Use the splash-resistant easy remote,
or the up/down arrows on the Easy2Bathe unit
to gently lower yourself into the bath.


Final step – the best step! Enjoy
the benefits of a hot long soak with Easy2Bathe
– feel relaxed, rejuvinated & refreshed! 

Retractable Belt

The belt on the unit is fully retractable
so other people can also use the
bath tub with no inconvenience.

Easy Handset

The easy to use hand set
lowers and raises you in and out of
your bath at the simple touch of a button.


Temperature Display

Did you know 38°C is the perfect temperature
to help ease those aches and pains?
Get it just right before you get in.

Battery Powered

The Easy2Bathe has a rechargeable
battery which provides an incredible
20 baths between charges.

Installed in 1 Hour

Fitted in under one hour by
our professional, friendly, installers
at a time that suits you.