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 Fits onto your existing bath

 No plumbing required

 Free 3 year guarantee

 Fitted in under 1 hour

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Special Offer - Free Fitting!

Special Offer - Free Fitting!

Is getting in and out of your bath becoming a challenge? Enjoy a relaxing bath – safely, independently and comfortably with the Easy2Bathe Bath Lift.

With Easy2Bathe you are 3 simple steps away from enjoying a full depth, relaxing bath once more.

Not only is it the slimmest and most compact of designs, it has also been made to be one of the safest and most affordable ways of enjoying all of your existing bath without compromise.

The Easy2Bathe fits onto your existing bath, meaning no plumbers or builders making drastic changes to your bathroom – saving you £££’s.

If you need some help to get either in or out of your bath, don’t commit to an expensive bath replacement or just having a shower, try the Easy2Bathe instead. 

Why choose Easy2Bathe?
✔ Safe, comfortable and reliable
✔ Slim design. Installed in around 1 hour
✔ Battery Powered. Lowers and raises you
✔ Fits onto your existing bath
✔ Retractable belt for conventional use
✔ User weight of up to 20 stone