Easy2Bathe Bath Lift

Time to put an end to your worries about bathing – there is a practical and affordable solution for you. Feel confident at bath time with the Easy2Bathe bath lift. Our innovative bathing aid allows you to bathe when YOU want or need to.

Easy2Bathe are here to make bathing easy, providing bath lifts for those who struggle to get in and out of the bath. With Easy2Bathe you are 5 steps away from enjoying a full depth, relaxing bath.

Our bath lift can take away the worry of slipping or falling at bath time for the elderly or disabled and give you back your independence.

The unique system means that there is no need for expensive alterations to your bathroom. Our expert engineers can usually fit the bath lift in under 2 hours.

Let us show you how you can enjoy your bath and feel independent once again.

Easy2Bathe Bath Lift | Handset

How it works

It’s so easy to use.

There’s no sitting around waiting for the bath to fill or getting cold while it empties.


Lower yourself into a full depth bath at the press of a button and rise back up again when you’re finished.

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