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Is An Easy2Bathe The Assisted Bathing Solution For You?

Sep 20, 2019 | Tips & Advice

What is an Easy2Bathe Bath Lift?  

The Easy2Bathe is a cost-effective assisted bathing aid that enables individuals with poor mobility to enjoy independent bathing experiences. Smoothly and effortlessly, the bath-lift lowers you into and lifts you out of the bath at the simple push of a button. Furthermore, the Easy2Bathe is designed with multiple safety features to help to minimise the likelihood of slipping and falling in the bathroom.

How does it work?

Easy2Bathe - assisted bathing If you struggle to get into and out of the bath, the Easy2Bathe is the perfect assisted bathing aid for you. The product is designed with an abundance of safety features, reducing the risk of you slipping or falling in the bathroom. 

The compact assisted bathing unit is powered by a rechargeable battery unit which lasts for up to twenty lifts and is extremely simple to use. 

Firstly, you simply sit down on the seat which is securely attached to the side of your bathtub and gently swing your legs into the tub. Next, at the simple touch of a button, the Easy2Bathe will lower you into the bath so that you can safely and confidently enjoy a full-depth bathing experience. Once you are finished bathing, simply use the handset again and the bath lift will safely and gently raise you out of the bath. An extra added bonus is that unlike with a walk-in bath, there is no need to wait for the bath to empty before you exit!   

Who can it benefit?

The Easy2Bathe is specifically designed to benefit individuals who have limited mobility. The assisted bathing device can also help those who struggle standing due to weakness in their legs or back, as well as those who suffer from issues with their balance. The Easy2Bathe will support any individual up to the weight of 20 stone.

What makes it stand out from the rest?

Of course, there are a variety of bath lifts on the market today, however, the Easy2Bathe has a vast range of features that make it stand out from the rest. Here are just a few: 

You can still use your bath conventionally:

The Easy2Bathe is easily retractable. As soon as the belt is retracted, the bath can be used conventionally again. This means that spouses and families bathing experiences won’t be affected by the bath lift being installed.

Assisted bathing aid

It’s discreet:

The retractable and compact system is slimline, discreet and attaches to your bathroom wall. This means that your bathroom will barely look any different to before. This means that it is a more simple bathing solution than the likes of a walk-in bath which would require a whole new bathroom change up.

Built-in temperature gage:

The product is designed with an in-built temperature gage to ease your mind from the risk of scolding. Simply wait for the bath water to reach the optimum temperature (around 37°C) before entering. This will minimise the risk of slipping or getting scolded in a bath that’s too hot, and it prevents those with limited mobility from having to bend over to test the water’s temperature. 

Built-in grab rail:

Designed with your safety in mind, the Easy2Bathe is manufactured with a built-in grab rail. This is to minimise the likelihood of slips and falls when entering and exiting the bath. It also offers extra, sturdy support to those who struggle with their balance.

Built-in seat, making entering the bath even more simple:

The non-slip transfer seat which is built into the Easy2Bathe makes it even more simple for you to enter and exit the bath. You can simply sit on the seat and swing your legs into the bath tub, as opposed to having to step over the side. This seat also makes the perfect perch for when you are drying yourself or washing your hair, especially if you cannot stand for prolonged periods of time.

Furthermore, this seat is the perfect place for carers to sit down whilst they assist with bathing and showering, making life a little bit simpler for them.

Re-chargeable: Rechargeable battery

The Easy2Bathe is powered by a rechargeable battery which lasts up to twenty lifts! This means that there is no need for electrics or wires, further minimising the risk of slipping or falling at bath time. This is a unique feature of the Easy2Bathe that makes us different to other models of bath lifts on the market. 

A full-depth bathing experience:

Unlike some other bath lifts and bathing aids, the Easy2Bathe enables you to enjoy a full depth bathing experience. This means that you can enjoy your bath to its full potential just like you could once before.

What have our customers said?


5 star customer reviews


Mrs Proctor:

The whole process from enquiry to demo, purchase and installation was first class and undertaken by very professional, helpful and courteous Sales Rep and Installers.


I purchased the Easy2Bath Lift and the Salesman was excellent, the fitters were very efficient and I am highly delighted with this product. Would definitely recommend this 100%.

Mrs Knight:

Very good service, quick installation and comprehensive advice given.

Mr Reeves:

Product well-designed and made, demonstration good, installation trouble-free. Safe-bathing despite arthritic joints!

Ms Coates:

I have an unusual shaped bath and this bothered neither Peter who came to demonstrate it nor the expeditious fitters. The installation of this luxury is making all the difference to an 83-year-old widow who has wonderful immediate neighbours, but her children live further away. Thank you.

You can see more of our customers feedback here on our TrustPilot page!

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