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 Fits onto your existing bath

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Special Offer - Free Fitting!

Special Offer - Free Fitting!

Considering a walk in bath or shower? STOP! Read this first.

Walk in baths and walk in showers are often promoted as being the ‘ultimate solution’ for those who struggle to get in and out of their bath tub. What is not mentioned, however, are the associated costs – not only to your savings but to your bathing experience as a whole:

  • Expensive building & plumbing work makes walk-in baths cost up to 10 x more than a bath lift
  • Installation is disruptive, often taking days and leaving your bathroom in need of redecoration
  • You have to enter the bath then wait for it to fill & empty, leaving you feeling impatient & cold
  • Forget a relaxing soak- with a walk in bath you have to sit bolt upright throughout

Your Solution: The Easy2Bathe bath lift

If you need some help to get either in or out of your bath, don’t commit to an expensive walk-in bath or shower, try the Easy2Bathe bath lift instead!

The Easy2Bathe can be fitted onto your existing bath in under one hour meaning no plumbers or builders making drastic changes to your bathroom – saving you £££s.

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